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Logi Ad Hoc - Analysis and Dashboard Software for End-Users

Unleash Your BI Creativity - Empower end-users to quickly get the answers they need from their business data. With easy Web-based navigation, intuitive wizard-driven report creation and analysis on demand, Logi Ad Hoc allows unlimited users to unleash their BI creativity.

Feature-rich and Interactive - Simple to use, Logi Ad Hoc offers your end-users all the tools they need to report on and analyze their data as they see fit. Dashboards, heat maps, dynamic charts and graphs, sorting and filtering options are among the many features of Logi Ad Hoc.

Simple to Get Started - Download Logi Ad Hoc today. Try it tomorrow with your data-for free. See how intuitive it is for your end-users, who will adopt it with little or no training to answer their business questions. Then buy it with no hassle and quickly set it up without unduly adding to your IT teams workload.

Easy to Use - Your system administrators will easily connect Logi Ad Hoc to whatever data source you are using. Your end-users will find report creation intuitive thanks to our wizard-driven process with live report preview, and will find it easy to save, share and export their reports in a variety of common formats.

Features and Benefits

  • System Administrators: easily connect to your data and keep it safe, while empowering your end-users to find their own answers when they need them.
  • End-users: easily create and share your own reports and dashboards.
  • CFOs: no need to worry about paying per-user fees due to our server-based licensing

Interactive Ad-hoc Dashboards Let end-users build interactive Web-based dashboards, giving them a unified view of the information that matters most to them-without burdening your development staff.

Powerful Ad-hoc Reporting With Logi Ad Hoc, gone are the days where users had to wait for report and database developers to build reports. Now, all your end-users have the flexibility to build their own reports to address their everyday business questions.

Intuitive Ad-hoc Analysis From sorting, filtering and drill down to impactful visualization tools like heat maps, your users will find it easy to spot and act on critical information.

Easy System Administration How much effort does it take to set up Logi Ad Hoc? Surprisingly little. Quickly integrate it with your existing architecture and data sources, set up a meta database to keep your data safe and build the security schema you prefer-all in mere days.

Logi Info - Reporting, Analysis and Dashboard Software

Let Your Development Team Be the Hero - Logi Info gives you a powerful development environment to easily build Web-based reporting, analysis and dashboard applications. Our elemental development methodology lets developers create feature-rich, interactive reports that you can distribute over the Web to unlimited end-users.

Powerful and Scalable - Logi Info gives you access to the latest Web 2.0 reporting, analysis, visualization and dashboard features. Its impressive scalability enables you to generate bigger reports faster and to deploy them to more concurrent users.

Simple to Get Started - Download Logi Info today. Try it tomorrow with your data. Test drive it for free in the real world against problems you have to solve. Buy it without hassle with our transparent pricing, and set it up without adding burden to your IT team.

Easy to Use - Your system administrators will easily connect Logi Info to whatever data source you are using. Your developers will easily build reports with little coding, using a full library or reusable elements. And your users will easily adopt it, with its intuitive user interface and familiar Web 2.0 navigation.

Features and Benefits

  • System Administrators: easily connect to your data and keep it safe
  • Report Developers: empower as many users as you need with less development time
  • End-users: get immediate answers to your "what" and "why" questions
  • CFOs: no need to worry about paying per-user fees thanks to our server-based licensing

Powerful Web-based Dashboards Logi Info gives you interactive Web-based dashboards where you can provide users with the information that matters-like dynamic visualization features with drill-down capability, data tables, key performance indicators (KPIs), GIS maps, heat maps, RSS feeds, Web sites and much more.

Flexible, Interactive Reporting Turn data into actionable information with Logi Info's feature-rich reporting capabilities. Build useful, interactive reports on the Web or in your users' desired format such as Excel, PDF, Word, CSV and HTML; schedule automated report delivery and alerts to keep your business one step ahead of critical situations.

Easy, Creative Analysis and OLAP Quick! What would your sales be if you dropped your slowest-selling line? What product within this line could you salvage, and how would it impact your business? Find the answers easily and quickly, and share them with colleagues and clients through the Web.

Technical Users Rejoice Giving users these all tools should not be difficult for your development team. From out-of-the-box data connections to intuitive report building, from scalability to custom data security, Logi Info is designed to be easy on system administrators and report developers.